InnoGUARD 300

InnoGUARDTM 300 is an economical high phosphorous-nickel formula designed for high acid corrosion resistance. The amorphous characteristics of this coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and up to 50 Rc hardness for good abrasion resistance.

Specific Advantages
  • Excellent hardness 
  • Excellent acid corrosion resistance 
  • Very good alkali corrosion resistance 
  • Coating thickness can be built up to 250 microns

Typical Properties
Phosphorous contents wt%
Melting Point
7.9 g/cm3
As plated
380-520VHN 100
Heat treated
820-1000 VHN 100
1.3% Elongation
Wear Resistance
see below plated and heat treated
As plated
8-10 TWI
Heat treated
2-4 TWI
Magnetic properties
Non- magnetic
Electrical Resistivity
35-85 Micron ohm/cm
Wear Resistance
Very Good

Typical Oil & Gas Applications:
Packers, polished rods, tubing products, couplings, threads protection, pump elements, valves, pony rods, sucker rods, manifolds, pup joints, seal surface, rotors, gear boxes, bearings, sand screens, etc.